MoTeC Data Acquisition for Tire Pressure

Motec Data Acquisition plugin for VHR Stockcar and the MoTeC program have been used for years by the Reed Setup Team.

Nothing comes close to MoTeC for fine tuning the tires. The program lets you check the tire temperatures across the face of the tire throughout the entire run of laps. Read more »


Leagues That Know

Leagues that know, know to use RACELM servers.
Why not take the guess work out of it and race with confidence. Hacker Smacker cheat detection is an incredibly well designed program that will give your league the reassurance it deserves.

Reed Setup team has been running on these server for over 10 years now. After years of building setups and trying to save our tires, we are not going to let hackers do it by running a cheat. Read more »


VHR Releases 6.0 has released version 6.0 and has changed the level of sim-racing.
Like never before,  the control is put back into the hands of the driver.

You will experience white knuckle edge of your chair 2 and 3 wide racing at tracks that simply was not possible before. Read more »


Reeds Bristol Setup

Bristol_Cup_R_REED2011 (536)
Reed has released his Bristol Cup Setup.

This setup was built with 1x tires.

Notes from Reed – Lower the steering lock, If this is loose to your wheel, add more left rear spring or compression. This should tighten it up a bit. If it sways off the corners, Raise your RR rebound.
This setup is built for my particular wheel which is a g25. My wheel settings are available in the download section. Have fun.



Phoenix Cup Setups

Phoenix_Cot_R_BH_22611 (410)
Phoenix_Cot_Q_BH_22611 (327)
Brandon Hastings Phoenix setups now available in the download section.
Brandon starts the ball rolling in the VHR 2011 releasing two early setups for Phoenix International.

Brandon says of his race setups, “Give it some time to come in!, it may be a little loose on exit, but with some practice it should be a good one.”

When asked about his qualify setup, Brandon simply said, “Run it hard, play with the fuel and Weight Distribution (Front to Rear weight)”.


VHR 2011 Released has released the 2011 version of VHR StockCar.

Reedsetups team will begin work on setups and will post them as they are completed.

If you have a stable setup, please upload it here and help others get up to speed with the new release.


MoTeC Data Acquisition Guide

This is being re-posted as the files were corrupt. Sorry about that, they have been corrected and work now. 11/17/2010

MoTeC’s i2 data analysis software is a sophisticated program, developed in collaboration with professional motorsport teams and racing engineers worldwide. It is a very versatile program and works well with VHR Stockcar. Better yet it’s FREE.

This system measures and records important vehicle parameters while on the track. The benefit of data acquisition analysis is improved setup tuning, refined driver techniques and better pit stop strategy. Data is recorded on engine, chassis and driver inputs,  and should cut down on trial and error testing and speed up setup improvements.   Read more »


G25 Controller Settings

Reeds Setup Team has uploaded Reeds G25 controller settings.
Reeds G25 Controller Settings (685)

These settings are probably more sensative than most as Reed uses less steering input. This means he turns the wheel less.
The zip file in this download  also has a text file with the control panel game controller settings for things like degree of rotation and force feedback forces.    Read more »


Darlington Cup Setup

Darlington_Cup_R2x_RS_111210 (382) 
Here is a Darlington setup Reed and I worked out tonight. It will run 27.5′s and 6′s without draft and 27.3′s with the draft.
Again this setup needs a couple laps to come in and you have to go easy on the gas and feather it. This setup was made in a 2x 2x server.  Enjoy – Lynn                     Read more »


Homestead Cup Setup

Homestead_Cup_R2x_RS_111210 (382)
Homestead_Cup_R1x_RS_111310 (317)
Here is my early Homestead setup. I say early because I will keep making changes on over the next week.
The setup as is will hit somewhere around 30.7′s and 8′s no draft and probably 3′s and 4′s in draft.
With a couple clicks to make it a qual we were hitting 1′s in qual.
The setup is a little on the loose side for the first couple laps, so go easy on the gas in corner mid and out. After a few laps it really comes in good.
Hope you enjoy it. – Reed            Read more »

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