Leagues That Know


Leagues that know, know to use RACELM servers.
Why not take the guess work out of it and race with confidence. Hacker Smacker cheat detection is an incredibly well designed program that will give your league the reassurance it deserves.

Reed Setup team has been running on these server for over 10 years now. After years of building setups and trying to save our tires, we are not going to let hackers do it by running a cheat.

If we get beat in a race we know it was done without the use of cheats. No more guessing. Race hard and race clean.

Hacker Smacker uses very little CPU. Upload bandwidth is about 6.0 to 8.0 KB for the duration of 1 sec. This process is done 6 times an hour. This means there is virtually no loss in performance.

If your league has ever had the cheat discussion, then why not contact RACELM today and race with Hacker Smacker protection.

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