MoTeC Data Acquisition Guide


This is being re-posted as the files were corrupt. Sorry about that, they have been corrected and work now. 11/17/2010

MoTeC’s i2 data analysis software is a sophisticated program, developed in collaboration with professional motorsport teams and racing engineers worldwide. It is a very versatile program and works well with VHR Stockcar. Better yet it’s FREE.

This system measures and records important vehicle parameters while on the track. The benefit of data acquisition analysis is improved setup tuning, refined driver techniques and better pit stop strategy. Data is recorded on engine, chassis and driver inputs,  and should cut down on trial and error testing and speed up setup improvements.  

Download the files here – Motec Files (1619)
This zip contains these files
Motec i2 Pro-v1.01.0082 – The MoTeC software. Use this version. Do not download the latest version from MoTeC’s site as it doesn’t work with rFactor/VHR.
Data Acquisition Plugin-v1.32 -  Data acquisition plugin from rFactorcentral.
VHR Project -The workbook used by MoTeC program needed for viewing VHR data.

Unzip all three files.
Install the Data Aquisition plug-in in your vhr main folder.
Make sure if you are running windows7 or vista that you are running as administrator.
This should create a folder named MoTeC in your userdata/ LOG folder.

2. Install the Motec program
Dont run it yet though, just install it.

3. Go into game and when you go on track it should tell you data acquisition is enabled… If not, Ctrl M will activate and deactivate it while in cockpit.
Run around the track a few times and exit out of game.

4. Open Motec exe. – Now you can run it. I know you have been waiting to check it out.
Under the file tab… Select project and navigate to the VHR Project file.
In the VHR Project file you will to a file with the MoTeC icon. That is the file you point to.

5. Once that is opened then goto file again inside the VHR Project and select “open log file”
The log file will be located in: C: Program Files/VHR2010/UserData/LOG/Motec
You will see a list of track names for the laps you have run.

Add a video to MoTeC
You can add a video to you MoTeC. In fact you can add more than one, for several camera views. The video’s will sync to the telemetry data.
 Rfactor/VHR can make a avi, the export button in the replayfridge, I turned down the quality to make it run smoother.
In Motec, open the log file, then, add>video, select file from rfactor/replayfridge/movies.
Now the video is synced with the start of the log file (out lap). So, select the whole log file (all laps), by making the green rectangle cover all laps. Right click on the video box, select “show video controls”, unclick the pad lock, move the blue vertical line to where you want the video to start, Click the pad lock to lock the sync. Resize the window.

Motec is a pretty slick piece of software. What ;you do with the data is another story.

I hope you find this information useful. If you have a suggestion or would like to submit your procedure on this or any subject then please let us know.

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