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MoTeC Data Acquisition Guide

This is being re-posted as the files were corrupt. Sorry about that, they have been corrected and work now. 11/17/2010 MoTeC’s i2 data analysis software is a sophisticated program, developed in collaboration with professional motorsport teams and racing engineers worldwide. It is a very versatile program and works well with VHR Stockcar. Better yet it’s FREE. […]


G25 Controller Settings

Reeds Setup Team has uploaded Reeds G25 controller settings. These settings are probably more sensative than most as Reed uses less steering input. This means he turns the wheel less. The zip file in this download  also has a text file with the control panel game controller settings for things like degree of rotation and force […]


Darlington Cup Setup

  Here is a Darlington setup Reed and I worked out tonight. It will run 27.5′s and 6′s without draft and 27.3′s with the draft. Again this setup needs a couple laps to come in and you have to go easy on the gas and feather it. This setup was made in a 2x 2x […]


Homestead Cup Setup

Here is my early Homestead setup. I say early because I will keep making changes on over the next week. The setup as is will hit somewhere around 30.7′s and 8′s no draft and probably 3′s and 4′s in draft. With a couple clicks to make it a qual we were hitting 1′s in qual. […]


Tire temperature/pressure guidlines

This week we are setting up the car for Phoenix. This 1 mile Tri-oval will put your tires to the test.  Proper camber settings and tire pressures will ensure that you have plenty of rubber left at the end of the fuel run. We want to be there in position to win at the end of […]

ReedSetups on Twitter

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Gravatars and Avatars

I know what an Avatar is, but what the heck is a Gravatar? Gravatars are Globally Recognized Avatars. An avatar or gravatar is an icon, or representation, of a user in a shared virtual reality, such as a forum, chat, website, or any other form of online community in which the user(s) wish to have […]

VHR making progress toward 2011

  @VHRStockcar – The pedal is to the metal on the mod this week, finishing up the new truck chassis and all new cockpit, things are looking awesome in 2011. Things are moving along nicely in the development of the future release of 2011 VHR Stockcar mod for rFactor. Reed Setups is following tweets from  VHR […]

VHR tests cockpit lighting

VHR does some testing of the cockpit lighting and produces a video to give us a peek at some of the changes in the upcoming release.      

Welcome to Reed Setups

Welcome to  You are currently viewing our website as it is in the construction stage. Please come back and join us in providing setups to the VHR sim community. You will be able to ask questions, participate in discussions and receive assistance on setup building. Registration to ReedSetups will be available soon to provide […]

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