VHR Releases 6.0


VHRacing.net has released version 6.0 and has changed the level of sim-racing.
Like never before,  the control is put back into the hands of the driver.

You will experience white knuckle edge of your chair 2 and 3 wide racing at tracks that simply was not possible before.
Track physics have been fine tuned to make the racing at tracks like Texas Motor Speedway more realistic. Drivers can build setups to run different race grooves. Taking the high line out of turn 4 at Texas and having the car stick is something not available to sim-racers until now.

VHR 6.0 offers improved tire physics. The first thing we noticed when taking to the track was that all 4 tire temperatures reacted to the changes made in the setup. Push your car a bit too hard and the tire temperatures will increase and start to loose grip. Fall back in line and cool them down and you will gain back some of the grip. Drivers will need to keep an eye on tire temperatures and manage tire wear.

During testing we found voice communication to be very difficult. The new engine sounds are so awesome that racers are not wanting to turn the volume down enough to allow voice communication. Guess we can live with this. The setup team will have to develop sign language to communicate on the track.

With updated tracks, updated paint schemes, better sounds,  better fine tuned physics, new tire and engine models, we find VHR 6.0 like no other sim available. VHR has set the bar high.

Congratulations Corvette Dave and thanks for all your effort and hard work in bringing us this release. The best yet.

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